A Solo Tee in  Layers of Blue and a slightly Yellowish Moon.


 A Bit of Black , Blue and The Moon 


While working with the Blue and Blacks , Sometimes I want  to go all the Way 


More layers , More Blues and see where it takes me


More - Stichted together by a common thread - A gentle flow in the mounting  Layers and Layers of Blues .


I want to go all the way.

But not in the immediate. Not now,

not feeling it yet.


Maybe some day  -  I would do a Huge Textile  with Scrapes of All kinds of Discarded Beautiful Blue ‘s  collected all over the world 

Maybe someday the Blue will find me to make this happen.


Until then I am happy with these 

Blue ,Black and the slightly 

Yellowish , sometimes Mustard moon I make.


Dedicated to all Blue Lovers.

A Bit of Black , Blue and The Moon / Solo Black 1

Chest 42  in
Length 21.5 in