To seek & Receive comfort


In Quarantine - Writing from, Mettupalayam.

This little town has always had my heart, I have always felt content with what it has taught me, and it continues to do so in its own way, everyday.

Kalki, for me, has been about connecting with people, clothes being my medium of sharing my thoughts and expressing myself out there.

When Kalki started to take shape physically - building a connection with the people here was a natural thing for me to do - to make it more sustainable and contributive, I took in people to work with Kalki from in and around Mettupalayam.

Kalki space is set up at my grandfather’s house.

The way the house gave space for me to come in and make it my own , the way it embraced me tenderly with its warmthness- was something that gently touched everyone - the warmthness , be it on the clothes or us who were handling them.

I miss my space , All of us at Kalki do.

From the rest of us,

Jahangir is the only artisan from elsewhere, He is from Kolkata, he’s been with us for 6 years now.

Jahangir working on our Home decor.

All the beautiful embroidery that is on our dresses, shirts, cushions are done by him -

The way Jahangir understands my way of seeing, be it the placement of the motif , the colours used - we rarely differ - Sometimes he says madam ji “yeh color acha nahi lagta hai” (the colour won’t look nice), sometimes I ask him to do a French knot instead of a satin filling stitch . He’s been living in our farm , along with families who have been with us helping us take care of our farm. In the present situation - The fact that it’s not safe for him to travel to Kolkata and him not being able to be there with his family is hard for him.

But what came out this situation was something much more evolved and real

Everyone made sure to be there for him in their own way , having realised what Jahangir might need now - of being able to understand that feeling and being a comfort for him.

A simple act of asking him “ Did you eat ?” “ What did you cook today ?” Do not worry, all of us are in the same situation - you are not alone.

simple and real.

To seek and receive comfort .

I wrote , “Pause , reflect” - Inspired from this simple act of comfort

Jahangir is relaxed , well taken care of - His family is not anxious and knows that he is safe here and have asked him not to travel.



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