Moon Child

Thoughts and feelings that I tried Wording.


I don’t remember if I was ever sacred of the sky as a child . Night sky in particular and I don’t remember when this attachment with the moon happened . Maybe the movies ?Maybe the terrace walks , the combination of the gentle night breeze and the presence of the softest yellow thing in the sky , romance ? Maybe because I am a Cancerian.

My Heart says - I am connected to this soft yellow gentle somewhat round thing on the sky and it evokes a feeling of familiarity in me . It doesn’t make happy happy , But the moon makes me feel the love I have for this life ,Maybe.


when my 8 year old comes up with me to the terrace on a night that had a dark Violet tinge with twinkling ( seriously the stars twinkled ) stars , he said if he could hold my hand as he was scared to look up to the sky because it was vast and he doesn’t know what lies beyond .

That's how I feel sometimes when I think about life - Its vast and I don’t know what lies ahead.

Maybe I felt that way too when I was a child and at that time I do not know if I even knew to express that I felt that way . As a child myself ( most of the time , I like being one and I still consider myself a child) I felt how beautiful that moment was for me to hear Ved express - To express the fear innocently and asking for support knowing holding hand would help him in someway .

I wish I could do that too , To word it - To say that I am scared because of ( so and so ) and can I hold your hand :) How simple is this yet most of the times I forget that its that simple :)

And all I am saying is that its okay to be scared and it’s a beautiful thing to express and to find support. (Maybe I am saying this to myself but just in case it was what you needed to hear today )

Have a good day and I enjoyed the Lunar eclipse , hope you did to.

Love to All the "Moon Childs” out there!!

Sharing few photographs of clothes and thoughts and some lines that I did.

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