An Entry of not so important Particulars


A night of gentle breeze

With the full moon

Noise of the fan rattling

But if you listen carefully you can hear the leaves rustling

I can feel the breeze

On my legs

Wearing my Anokhi cotton shorts

Its’ not really quiet

I can hear the horn sound's on the road

And the remains of the day in my head

The energy of sleep around my eyes , but the night is alive and I don’t want to tuck In yet

Maybe the energy of the moon in the sky

So tempted to go upstairs

And watch the sky and the moon

Or the moon on the sky

Leaves seem to be happy

Maybe I can play some music

Am I aware of the smell the breeze is carrying ?

A slight smell of the soil , the earth -

We are walking on

The earth we glide , run , fall , stand .

The earth that our foot comes in contact everytime we walk

What do I want to do ?

Cloth making ? Writing ? Just random things I enjoy ?

Maybe write a poem book , Just for myself

Some dotted lines , flowers and words?

A book about self and lines


I am keeping it open . Not boxing myself in .

Made a Shirt that meant “ Unboxed “

Made a another shirt that said “ Wearing my heart out there right in front , somedays on the sleeve too “

The Breeze is carrying the smell of the soil

My sinus has blocked one half of my nostril

Can you really be aware of all your senses ?

I wish I can be aware of :)

I Try.

And Uploading these shirts by this week Hopefully !

—— Very and not very Random Thoughts as words

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