A chance encounter. A tactile experience. A kindling of the imagination and Mere was born. 

The hardy aloe vera plant that flourishes in dry and humid climates is less known for its tough but tensile naar, the fibre. The rough beauty of the naar’s texture and its inherently elastic quality demanded experimentation. So we twisted, knotted, pleated, plaited and played with it. And we discovered a fibre with strength and a lot of give. 


Every piece in the Mere collection has a clean silhouette that lets the naar speak. Take a closer look and you might find that a straight line is not perfectly straight. Or that a curve around the neck doesn’t make a smooth circle. These are not to be considered “flaws” as these deviations too are a natural property of the fibre. We have let it runs its course. Mere is the naar, just as it is. Nothing less, nothing more.