In collaboration with 56th-day Combining cyanotype printing with small, yet distinct bits of hand embroidery, each piece in the Kurinji collection has been made with a canvas kissed by light. Rendered on Khadi spun

to a fine count, the sun prints that grace each garment are as experimental as the artist’s work, and as elemental as water, it's fixative.Variations in tone and hue allow for shifts in mood, while Kurinji itself dances at the periphery teasing, laughing, and playing at the edges of an entire spectrum of feeling. Here is touch and feel art. Made by hand and tuned by nature.

In the Sangam landscape, Kurinji evokes the union of lovers. The lush terrain, the rich wildlife and the overabundance of nature mark this thinai. Nature doesn’t just witness all the drama – the girl running away, the lover waiting, the clandestine meeting. The plethora of human emotions, of longing and mingling, does not exist in isolation. Mindscape cannot be separated from landscape.

We were struck by the fact that this unremarkable, somewhat shapeless flower made its presence felt though it possessed no inherent value or even fragrance to remember it by. Yet, there was something about these sweeps of violet hugging the hillside that spoke to our own interiors. Kurinji holds our attention not because it shows up so rarely, but because it simply is.


Craft is an endeavour of love that has a place in the world, whether it is seen or not. It isn’t precious because it is uncommon but because, it sometimes takes right after nature and is entirely free of self-designation. Boundless, blooming in its own time. So for us, Kurinji is a meeting place. A call to nurture visions for shared future, one“stemming from a conscious understanding of our context”.