Cafe Kalki

Cafe Kalki is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats en route Queen of the Seven Hills, Ootacamund. The hill station which was a welcome summer get-away for the British during the late 18th century, continues to host the UNESCO-recognised toy train which gracefully meanders through tea plantations, tunnels, and bridges. 

The bond between art and culture is an integral part of Kalki and hence, definitely a part of our cafe as well. Kalki Cafe is an ode to South Indian architecture. Under the Heritage Restoration Project, we have curated and acquired masterpieces in the form of rustic furniture which now breathe life into our space. From the alluring windows to the Art Deco style trinkets, Kalki Cafe is a whimsical ode to our love for Wes Anderson-esque aesthetics. The comradely mood of the establishment has the ability to metamorphose to suit any occasion- be it for a celebration of camaraderie, of love for family, or for some precious solitary ‘me time’.

Our fluid menu includes some long forgotten Tamil delicacies which are timeless classics. Most of our ingredients come from our farm, and we only work with fresh produce available in our farm on the given day. 


For Take out , Home delivery and Reservations

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