Cafe Kalki

Cafe Kalki is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats en route Queen of the Seven Hills, Ootacamund. The hill station which was a welcome summer get-away for the British during the late 18th century, continues to host the UNESCO-recognised toy train which gracefully meanders through tea plantations, tunnels, and bridges. 

The bond between art and culture is an integral part of Kalki and hence, definitely a part of our cafe as well. Kalki Cafe is an ode to South Indian architecture.

A dialogue  between simplicity , warmth and seeing - in Food and Space 

A Taste 

A Sight 

A  homegrown space of Familiarity , fresh food and conversations. 

From the alluring windows to the Art Deco style trinkets, Kalki Cafe is a whimsical ode to our love for Wes Anderson-esque aesthetics. The comradely mood of the establishment has the ability to metamorphose to suit any occasion- be it for a celebration of camaraderie, of love for family, or for some precious solitary ‘me time’.

Our Menu is a mix of curated dishes from  travel experiences , Local favourites and also on seasonal produce - All tweaked the way we like it . Simple , fresh and flavourful.


For Take out , Home delivery and Reservations
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