Kalki by K.

The mustard yellow of turmeric, the earthy maroon of red oxide, the vivid greens of the Western Ghats, the translucent waters of the river Kallar, and the local people who share the air we breathe - the everyday constants that surround us serve as muses to our clothes. A design studio based in Mettupalayam, Ootacamund, the name Kalki comes from nowhere in particular. While there might be a rational explanation for almost everything we do, it is sometimes refreshing not to have one.


Our approach is centered in invoking the awareness of the wearer, to the sensory emotional quality of the textiles leading to a better quality of the self. Tapping on this energy, we seek to be reflective of the wearer’s identity and roots, and to be their voice. At heart, KALKI by K is a design space aspiring for a more creative way of life. Invariably, there is a lot of freewheeling sensibility. 

Summer fields down south in Tamil Nadu _

 Kalki pieces are simple, minimal and honest, while our lines are not bound by a narrow  notion of style. Staying away from the relentless hype of production, we stick to capsule and limited numbers in each collection. The texture , the colour, and the feel of the textile are the main factors that we look into while picking our fibres, this process for us is especially sensory and intuitive. Each garment speaks to its wearer but each wearer responds differently, in this way textile becomes our medium of expression and art. Kalki is driven by the impulse to capture this enriching, ever-changing conversation. 


Giving form energy to places 

Fabrics, Personnel & Abode

Each Kalki piece is handmade and incorporates handcraft embroidery, painting, printing, and natural dyeing. This is our way of paying homage to the power and intensity of human touch. Our fibres are natural and handpicked from local weaving communities that resonate with our philosophies of ethical production and community well-being. This usually includes people from weaving clusters in and around Madurai. Human hands work tirelessly to craft, what we like to call, ‘wearable art’. 

We work with local weavers and craftsmen right from sourcing the material to finished product delivery, and promote mindful consumption. We are here to place the power back into the community and we nurture this vision of giving back to the community by supporting traditional textiles communities, fair trade co-operatives, and export houses located within the radius of our community.

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When you wear Kalki, you wear the stories of the people who practice a craft that makes them feel empowered and relevant in the community they exist in. We also actively collaborate with artists and creators whose energies resonate with our vision as we play around the idea of fashion itself.

Our production house is a well lit, spacious ancestral home belonging to our Creative Director. Our ethos includes good working conditions, fair and honest wage policy, standard working hours, access to clean restrooms, hygienic facilities for food storage, and comfortable accommodations at Kalki farm. When customers buy from Kalki, they can be assured that they have been produced under respectable conditions.