About Kalki

Kalki is a community-based organization, where Art is a form of collective expression.


Placing diversity and inclusion at the fore,

we work with people in and around our community,

forging close relationships that eventually make our Vision a Reality.

Our way of doing business is contemporary but in an old and trusted way where quality and honesty make up the core of our ethical principles.

We place significant emphasis on employing a circular economy

even if it is on a small scale,

hence promoting a business culture that creates harmony among everyone

and everything that makes up Kalki.

We evolved out of the intent to interact with the most diverse

and distant cultural spheres of the community

by bringing together people, practices and their various landscapes.


Embracing a fluid approach, Kalki seeks to reinterpret the existent,

by stimulating a dialogue between the identity of the past,

and the dynamics of the future and the present.