Can I Define me?

Can I understand why is that when I see the moon, I feel my soul?

Why am I excited about all things “love”?

Can I Understand why is that my being feels something when my foot touches the soil?


I am made of layers, complex simple elements.

I am unique in the way my nose is placed 

I want to feel real.

I want to understand.

what if that’s my basic need for existence?

To be understood...


What if I want to reach out and make everyone I come across feel this?

What if I want to lend a hand, an ear, a peek inside my soul, a tiny piece of my heart just to tell you that you are “you are real” 


It can be you.

Team / Kalki

Creative team

Karunya Rajan / Founder , creative director 


Kirthika / Production head,Manages the team,Quiet,Observant,my Best friend,Very clever,could have been a Racecar Driver.


Swapna / Currently trying to fit in to “Head Chef “ Position - We are coming up with a cafe at Mettupalayam very soon. Cooks good food, Party’s a lot.


Infanta - God’s find for Kalki. She is the one you guys are talking to on Instagram / Facebook etc…

My left , right hand / very efficient except when lazy, eats junk quite often.

Najumudeen - Pattern master , from mettupalayam 

                           Nirmala, Shivakumar, Nisha are our tailors, from Mettupalayam

                           Jahangir - Our Artisan from Kolkata, He s been with us for 6 years and stays at our farm.

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