The 80s was about trying to express this state of mind- carefree/real/naive/strong / identity / subtle/effortless/ that I experienced growing up in a small town through the clothes of this collection. 

Why is 80's fashion so intriguing... It’s a reflection of what the women of that era represented. So free, personal, strong, uncorrupted, passionate and raw. Like a postcard from your hometown. The clothes that u saw ur mom wear in her old photos; The kind of women we see in old Maniratnam movies. It’s like a visual time capsule. 


Starting with the fashion in Manirantam's '80s and 90's movies and travelling through my mom's photos, resulted in this laid back, classic, delicate collection, which shouts Kalki in every way, Because A Kalki woman is exactly that woman. A woman from a different era. 

This 80's collection is a visual representation of what Kalki did to me. I dug into the clothes worn by Nirosha, Revathi, Amala in the old classics, and my mom's extremely classic and stylish 80's photos. The freedom to do nothing and yet do a lot. And the joy of working with these gorgeous simple saree ( a women's garment from the Indian subcontinent  that consists of an unstitched drape varying from 4.5 to 9 metres in length)

There is a lot of difference from working with a normal fabric and a saree.It has many aspects to it; the border, the pallu. A sense of nonconformity and non-continuous. It is almost like every saree is breaking its own rules of a saree. A Haiku of six yards.